Communication and digital trace workshop at UTCC-Bangkok

The workshop on “Communication and digital trace: methodology, writing and memory” was intended for PhD students and organized by the Department of Communication Arts at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce in Bangkok.

Photos source: Supitcha Pornsuksawat.

In this workshop we tried to define what is digital culture and what are the challenges it brings to communication and to the research in this field (methodology, methods and writing).

We also questioned the accumulation of digital traces and their use for diverse purposes by different actors, their availability, accessibility, security, and preservation. We discuss questions about the memory and its characteristics in the digital era.

The content presented, based especially on French and North American works, refers to recent reflections on Internet and digital culture given by:

  • Milad Doueihi [American-Lebanese historian of religions];
  • Marcello Vitali-Rosati [Université de Montréal];
  • Dominique Cardon [French sociologist];
  • Louise Merzeau [French school on Trace – Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense];
  • Béatrice Galinon-Mélénec [French school on Trace and Founder of the e. laboratory on Human Trace Complex System Digital Campus UNESCO– Le Havre Normandy University]
  • Emmanuel Souchier [Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences de l’information et de la Communication (Celsa), Université Paris-Sorbonne]; and other academics.