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This is the research blog of Hadi Sabá Ayon, Ph.D. Its objective is to invest digital traces in a memorial task. This blog archives Sabá Ayon scientific reflexions and activities, and put it in the hand of the public (his data can be reproduced, communicated and used under the condition of quoting the author and the date of the publication). Its production/”re-documentarization” develops the link between information, communication, disability and digital.

Hadi Sabá Ayon (Ph.D) is a researcher and a guest lecturer in information and communication Sciences with international affiliations. He’s associated to UMR 6266 CNRS IDÉES research laboratory in Université Le Havre Normandie in France, and to the E-laboratory on Human-Trace Complex Systems DC UNESCO.

Hadi S.A.-Blog

He’s also member of COMMUNICATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF HUMAN, BUSINESS AND TERRITORIES research network (CDHET) in Université Le Havre Normandie in France. He collaborates with the Faculty of Psychology in Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya in Indonesia, and with INTEGRALITY IN HEALTH CARE AT AMAZON REGION IN BRAZIL research group in Federal University of Acre (UFAC) in Brazil. He is member of the International Network on the Disability Creation Process (INDCP) in Québec in Canada.  

Saba Ayon Ph.D thesis examines the problematic of the E-inclusion of persons with Psychiatric Disability, interrogating the Digital Traceability in this procedure.

He works on questions related to interpersonal communication, digital culturedisability and social participation.

Contacts blog Sabá


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