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This is the research blog of Hadi Sabá Ayon, Ph.D. Its production/”editorialization” develops the link between information, communication, disability and digital.

Hadi Sabá Ayon is a researcher and a guest lecturer in information and communication Sciences with international affiliations. He’s associated to UMR 6266 CNRS IDÉES research laboratory at Université Le Havre Normandie in France, and to the E-laboratory on Human-Trace Complex Systems DC UNESCO.


Hadi S.A.-Blog



Saba Ayon Ph.D thesis examines the problematic of the E-inclusion of persons with Psychiatric Disability, interrogating the Digital Traceability in this procedure.

His thesis, accomplished at Le Havre Normandy University, was directed by Béatrice Galinon-Mélénec and co-directed by Louise Merzeau (who sadly passed away in 2017).

Saba Ayon works focus on interpersonal communication, digital culturedisability and social participation.



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