Presentation on Inclusion at the Mosaic clubhouse

Do we still need today to speak about Inclusion?
Approaching this thematic in the digital era invites us to think/rethink the relationship between the individual and his environment. Digital traceability shows that our life habits are changing and traces produced (consciously and unintentionally) bare the main characteristics of our communication. This, in turn, begs us to redefine the notion of social participation (especially of the disabled and vulnerable) and to think about how we can use the internet to accomplish it.

Achieving our daily activities and roles in/via the internet requires building new individual-collective skills and working together to establish an inclusive environment.

We call for the use of digital traces to build online environments that help communities preserve digital cultural memories.

This presentation was held in Mosaic clubhouse in Brixton (London) on 23.08.2019.

To check the presentation:


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