Digital culture and social participation of persons with disabilities


How can digital culture insure the social participation of population with disabilities?

Referring to the Human Development Model- Disability Creation Process (Fougeyrollas, 2010), we believe that disability occurs in the interaction between personal and environmental factors. This process affects one’s life habits (INDCP) and subsequently their social participation.

In the digital environment, users develop new social and cultural uses. One new life habit shared by many digital users is the editorialization. According to Bruno Bachimont (2007), the concept of editorialization designates an editorial activity from the indexed fragments of a document. The aim is no longer to find a document but rather to produce new ones using new resources.

Searching for online content and combining fragments of documents to generate substance, is a new way of writing/living in the digital. We believe that a person with disability can achieve an ample part of their network social participation by developing their online presence (Merzeau, 2010) and managing new forms of digital writing.

This general lecture was held in Al-Azhar University Indonesia in Jakarta on November 29th of 2016. To check the presentation:

To watch the interview :



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