Digital trace, Big Data and privacy: Advantages and limits?


What is digital and how does it change our life and affects our privacy?

As an environment, the digital gathers traces produced by users’ activities. Most of them are created unintentionally,  and share lots of personal information. Once they are combined and calculated, these traces can give a meaning to the behavior, the interests and the personal habits of digital users.

Based on several researches of the French school on Trace, we approach the problematic of privacy in the digital era, and call for a digital education to safeguard personal data and develop protection solutions. Appropriating traces in memorial projects is performed by passing from the traceability of persons to the traceability of content (Merzeau, 2013).

This presentation took place in the Islamic University of Bandoung (UNISBA) in Bandoung – Indonesia on October 22th of 2016.

To read it:


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