Digital traceability and social participation of persons with disabilities: inclusive environment, archives and collaborative activities

image4The digital affects all aspects of our lives. It changes the relationship between people, by modifying the symbolic interaction and producing a traceability of persons and objects. The new digital environment is constantly changing, and offers unlimited opportunities for many communities and wider publics, allowing them to express themselves and their needs, and to build their projects. Persons with different types of disabilities find new manners of communication and new ways of carrying out their life habits.The digital, as a culture, modifies the information itself, its sharing and its usage. How can we deal with the e-information?

How can we define the social participation in the digital era? And what are the forms of digital uses which facilitate the inclusion of persons with disabilities and promote the exercise of their rights?

This lecture took place in the Faculty of Psychology in Catholic University-Widya Mandala in Surabaya City in Indonesia on september 26th of 2016. To view the presentation:

Here are some tweets of the conference:

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