Digital trace, mental health & social participation



From the interaction in the interpersonal communication to the traceability on internet: how can we comprehend the communication and the social participation in the digital era?
Can we explain digital as an environment, as a culture? And what is the relationship
between this new ecosystem and disability?
Achieve social participation (the case of population with psychiatric disabilities) in the digital environment means doing archives, memory projects and commons… to implement a digital presence.
This presentation took place in the School of Communication in the Catholic University of Indonesia-Atma Jaya in Jakarta on September 16th of 2016.It came after a meeting with Pr. Eko Widodo, dean of Faculty of Business Administration and Communication and Pr. Dorien Kartikawangi, head of the School of Communication. It was continued by a meeting with members of ASPIKOM, the Association of Communication Higher Education in Indonesia.

To view the presentation:



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